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Priestess Satanika Tarot & Occult 

   Hello, and welcome to your future! As I will be glad to serve you and your needs, I will now be doing Online Tarot readings by E-Mail!
   I have actively been practicing Tarot since the age of 11, ever since my Mother showed me her deck and book - which has led to ten years of polishing and learning to acquire the skills I have today. These prepaid Tarot readings will be done by none other, than I; Priestess Satanika myself - and creator of this site. I consider myself a professional for doing so for ten years, and always maintaining a professional, positive, and successful reading empowerment as well as paid tutoring to help your future, or teach you how to yourself!
   Being dedicated on here for almost four years has brought a growing community of us "gardeners" as I like to call us all. For I highly encourage new, young, old, and experienced Satanist alike to actively pursue the daily task of retaining in proper knowledge on the path. We are constantly and fast growing, always "gardening" for more information of all LHP (Left Hand Path) subjects and/or experiences. Hopefully with these seeds I plant, many others will begin to grow, and pass on the knowledge positively to more - so that they may too.
   After almost four entire years of running this website, I've always wanted to make a supportive and social community to support one another, and pass on and/or retain knowledge to yourself, and everybody else - which gets me to my point:
I am now asking you guys for help; to make this website grow even further - by helping me promote, obtain, and create a better portal on this site, and into your futures. I will be using the funds to recruit other members in the Satanic communities within the city of Minneapolis to work on this site, making it not only more of a bowl for knowledge, but to make the site better in itself and more easy for our community to learn. Such as; making an Occult store to sell needed items in private packages ( ranging anywhere from black candles, to crystals, and even spell basket kits), obtaining finally a REAL domain name so we may become official, and easier to find, create free memberships and newsletters on and outside the site, arrange meetings in large cities across the United States, and even my biggest dream - To start a Theistic church HERE in Minneapolis.
All of this support starts with you, are you willing to help your Satanic community by taking this next great step with me? Are you willing to take knowledge, communication, and our growth to the next step?

If you have said yes to any of this, and would love the opportunities and help I'm going to give you and the Theistic, Spiritual, and Traditional Satanic communities, then feel free to donate below via PayPal, or sign up for a professional Tarot reading today with none other Priestess Satanika, and her group of Gardeners.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Own Salvation

   Many of us come to discover Satanism as a young teenager. it could be due to curiosity, rebellion, to fill the void - for whatever reason it shall be or was. I personally was an atheist, and so where my family;  all four of us. All my life I had Christianity shoved down my throat by the rest of my family,  and hated it. I always knew it was a wrong and hateful path,  as I was raised to be open minded and treat everybody with respect.
   This type of poison with Right Hand Path religions breeds generations and centuries of what they call justifiable hate towards all other religion,  sexual orientation,  color,  and even gender. It is a book that is used to control the weak minded who need excuses to be a good person,  or imaginary promises,  in fear of burning for eternity.
   Let me tell you this - you will only live in Hell for eternity if you choose the Right Hand Path to follow, because it is an ignorant, and poisonous cancer to heath,  and humanity. Their Hell is their own damnation by being eradicated of true spirituality, and empowerment of our own souls and afterlife. They choose to repeat each life with promises of a heaven that they never had,  and out of no work or dedication to their own salvation.
   Being this young,  as a teen or by just happening upon our lovely society,  this can be alarmingly scary and confusing. Even so being this all you ever knew once and so many others,  it's hard not to follow the crowd,  for it is a human survival technique. They take the most easy way out, which is ignorance,  non effective,  and flay out denial of their own demise.
   We work towards our so called nirvana, not in promised peace and laziness,  but in self determination and will. We do not advance even into Godhood - which is the last step as a human before our ego let's go,  and the Kundalini rises understanding peace and equality from the good and bad.
   Many are blinded and feel a month of meditation will make the Kundalini rise, or are​ impatient,  and cannot grasp peace and understanding of all peoples,  sides,  or cultures. One who had dropped ego,  bragging,  hatred,  and negative destructive thoughts. This is a sure way to stay unrisen,  and many who have more experience can tell the difference just by attitude alone.
   If you happen to be new on the path,  you will always spot the fakers or ones trying to fit in. They are usually still kids themselves or non-adults,  get mad at others opinions,  make fun of those who have had personal experiences with energies,  the gods, or magic ect,  full of hatred for others with no empathy or understanding of differences. These are ones who in fact have had no experience, or lack of. They tend to feel alone so lie to impress others, or make claims to seem powerful when they clearly have no true knowledge of Godhood or how to even begin to raise the serpent.
   We cannot stop the cycle of rebirth if we cannot achieve balance between the feminine and male energies,  and if we cannot do this,  we cannot raise the Kundalini. This is apparent in those who act out of violence when in the Satanic communities or make fun with lack of individuality. These are people with sad fruitless,  and quite more often than not weak lives and spirituality.

-Priestess Satanika

To Better Understand Satan/Enki/Ea

To Better Understand Satan/Enki/Ea

*The following is a convo between me and a fellow fan of Satan's Garden who had messaged me recently about a better understanding of our vision, and what honestly is the true path found in Satan's earliest doctrines and religious writings

   "Hello there, I'm Ty! I usually use my Facebook for my work stuff and etc, but I just wanted to finally contact you after years of admiring your work on your blog! I admired your dedication to Satan and satanism in general, it makes my heart so full I remember when I first got into it (when I was about 12 or so, but I went on JOS and everything was fine until I went and saw what they said about Jewish people, black people and gay people, which I'm both, and it was ridiculous. After I read that, I questioned my religion a lot and wondered if that was Satan really thought and I believed he was a hypocrite and I got mad. A later or so after that I found your blog and I cried with so much happiness) Anyways, I'm glad that I'm contacting you right now! I hope you reply soon"
This was my response:

   "Try reading the Lost Tablets of Enki. Satan has been lied about, and twisted ass backwards for the past couple thousand years into a monster he isn't. In fact, the enemy gods never wanted us to have free will as we where originally mindless slaves to work for them. This is why I personally believe the Xian, and Islamic faith has come from literally the enemy to dumb down the mass again - and it has worked.
   There where two sides of the ancient Gods (Annunaki), and Satan or Enki/Ea wanted us to evolve and have free will to thrive on our own. He did this by mating with two human women and created who we are today. When Tiamat was once alive she and all her followers raged war against her own children because they had developed their own sense of free will and it made her upset as she could not sleep or rest from their constant noise. This is where the two paths split, and still is today. But that is only he beginning and a fraction of the hardships between to two ideals of people.
   This eventually lead to the destruction of their own planet due to nuclear war as the Lost Tablets of Enki describe civil war and a nuclear cloud consuming their world, eventually leading to the destruction of their planet, and the atmosphere that protected them. This is what lead them to search for a planet with plentiful gold to create a new shield for theirs Nebiru, and the creation of human slaves to do the work for them - which ultimately failed in the end. Satan wanted us to have knowledge to farm, build tools, houses, societies. He and the gods on his side disagreed with the others when they eventually wanted to dispose of them after their plan had failed.
   He hears all who speak, and is the teacher of knowledge and spirituality. ... What I have typed may sound confusing unless you study ancient Assyrian, Sumerian, and Mesopotamian beliefs, but it is the Earths most ancient religions, and the origins of human kind and the hardships of us and the Gods. The enemy gods have disguised slavery and stripped the sheep of their own powers with Right Hand Path religion, and stolen many ancient original tales of the ancient peoples thousands of years before them.
   There are many of us who know the truth but ones who defile, and degrade and hate on the human race for their color or where they came from is not Satanism. Satan himself bred with a different species as him, he wanted us to thrive and have knowledge like him, not to create ignorism and entrapment like the enemy gods. The JoS are simply a Neo-Nazi nationalist group with bits and pieces of ancient religion in hopes kids will become powerful if they follow what she has told them. It is a poison that is what separated the ancient gods in the first place, and Maxine and her followers are very ill-informed and manipulated into her agenda."

Here is another example of somebody doubting and leaving the path of Satan's true vision due to lies and words of the enemy disguised as a friend. I will apologize if some of the things i have gone over are repeated, but this better explains my point to a degree.

   "PLEASE HELP I'm 18 and I've been with the JoS community for almost 3 years before I read your exposure on them. I've practiced every teaching she (Maxine) had prepared on the website and used her sermons to guide me through life... but... that was before the exposure. I knew something was off, but she was the only guidance I had. Thanks to you, I have good reason to discontinue my worship to Satan through her bullshit. That being said, I no longer have the guidance I was hoping for, and was wondering if you know of anywhere else on the Internet I could look into that won't fuck me over once again. Thank you."

This was my response: 

   "Don't blame or lose faith in Satan or the path because of an ignorant group of the misguided and manipulated. All JoS is there for to attract and manipulate the youth to join her racist and ignorant agenda. Maxine and her husband are both devoted members of the Neo-nazi nationalist movement, and mixed religion in there in hopes of spreading their ignorance, and benefiting the party by donations that are "so called" towards the advancement of Satanism. One doesn't need to swindle money from the naive to research, study, practice magic, or even talk to others in the Theistic Satanist community to advance. If she was as devout as she has claimed to be she would be helping without begging for money, and not spreading the exact ignorant hate that the enemy gods exhibit. 
   Satan is The god Enki/Ea, of ancient Sumeria, Assyria, and Mesopotamia. He hears all, teaches magic, and how to effectively utilize tools. I am about to explain why she is not Satanic and of the enemy, but to further understand I would recommend reading the Lost Tablets of Enki, the Enuma Elsih, and educate yourself on ancient Sumerian beliefs. ... Tiamat was the first, she created her husband, and the first of the gods. As time grew on, she had not liked how her children become rampant and noisy with their activities so agreed to her husbands proposal to kill them. Enki heard their plans and told whom he trusted, as two different sides formed - Satan's that of which wanted to live and with equality, and Tiamat's whom wanted to enslave and kill all who she didn't like. This civil war between the two sides eventually left to the destruction of most their people and planet by nuclear war, and those who remained where forced to join forces to repair the atmosphere that had been destroyed. 
   They had the idea of using gold for an atmosphere as it is very durable to the elements and outside radiation, they made camps on Mars, and eventually began the plan to mine all the gold from Earth. As more fighting eventually began again over how they would quickly mine the gold, the Warrior God Marduk slayed one of the enemy's using his blood to create the first primitive human worker. And thus humanity was made. The enemy gods had proposed of ridding all the people once their project had been complete - which evidently failed to save their world. Satan did not like this, and wanted to make mankind stronger, smarter, and to let us thrive as our own people. 
   Satan wanted to teach us his knowledge and give our race the same respect as theirs (Annunaki). Satan had the idea to mate and have two children: a daughter and a son with two primitive women. As was done in secret due to the many who looked at us as insignificant and unreachable pawns. That is how our race was born. We learned much quicker, could be taught to farm, build, and use tools, and above all godhood and the appreciation for ourselves and the ones who wanted nothing more than the right to live and be as powerful as them. Satan bred with different species other than his own to make us a stronger fighting chance to change the minds of the opposing gods who still disapproved and to this day only want our destruction. Satan doesn't care about where we are from or our color. He interbred with people of Sumerian decent (dark skinned people). \
    Satan hates the ignorism imposed on our very destruction of humanity due to our differences and was not the reason why he fought for our right to live and become like him. This separation due to ignorance and hate is what led to the destruction of their own planet and most of their people, and that is what we are doing to ourselves by doing exactly what the ancient texts warned about. The Right Hand Path religions and twisted views on other people for not being like them is the selfishness that lead to the now dead Tiamat's desire to Kill her children and all who opposed of their ideals. 
   Over the past couple thousand years we have been stripped and sheep enslaved by lies of the enemy to make humans primitive and ultimately destroy ourselves like the enemy gods had planned to begin with. There is no judgement of race, color, sexuality, or species when it comes to Satan's eyes and all those who understand his fight for liberation and equality, otherwise he wouldn't have interbred or sent his son Marduk to warn of their same destruction. The sheep are here fooled by lies and stripped of their powers and in return given death by denying equality, hate bred to destroy us, and the destruction of knowledge which makes us evolve into a better species, and it's been working ever since. 
   JoS is nothing but the enemy and is making them proud by spreading more destruction to humanity, all wrapped up in a false package to appeal to the naive and those who are easily manipulated. Much of the information is race fueled force fed into most of her site. One may assume since she has so much information and such a large following it must be true - but that can't be anything farther from the truth. Anybody outside the realm of JoS understands this, and most often the followers are egotistical lunatics who think they are gods cause they follow a racist agenda with destructive magic, and horrible twisted a misinformation about what Satan wanted for us as a whole. 
   This does not mean he has pity for those fooled by the Right hand Path and the cunning falsification of even Satanism itself, those who are not on his side and understand the true meaning of godhood have no spot on his side. For us to advance we must lose ego, and become an equal mix of the feminine and masculine to even activate our true spiritual energy and mindset or the Kundalini they talk so much about. It's the ultimate form of Disrespect to Satan and the Gods who fought for our free will and godhood to be spreading the agenda and stupidity of the enemy."

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Priestess Satanika 2015, 2016, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Contact with the Priestess

   Hello! I have made a new Facebook Page regarding myself, if any of you feel the need to contact me in search of information. I feel those of you who do contact me through Kik, and by other means should have a more easily available way to do so. IF you want to send a chat, do so by all means. Please understand I lead a busy life, and may not get back to you immediately. If you want to be opted into more notifications about Satan's Garden Satanic Website updates, please leave a like as well.
Thank you all, and HAIL SATAN!


The Idiocy of the Masses

   I feel this is a very important topic for everybody to read – understanding all walks of life come to join us as brothers and sisters in Satanism, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation – we are all the same human race. By no means do any of these factors exclude you from Satan himself accepting you, or any of the gods. This is the same mistake the Right Hand Path makes when they think “Jesus” was so called a man with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin. If he really had existed, historically he would have been a middle eastern man with tan skin and dark course hair – and by no means be called Jesus.
   This particular problem concerned me as I pondered upon a screenshot from one of my Satanic brothers online, exclaiming his disgust of another, who actually claimed Satan doesn’t accept blacks. This has to be one of the most ignorant things I have read in a while, due to the fact that the first humans originated in Africa and the Middle East, and where historically black or tan skinned. This was long before whites ran rampant, and seemingly where so called “more significant” than another human race – which is absolutely absurd.
   Satan didn’t help create us, and give human kind a chance for free will and advancement for nothing. This type of racism is exactly what the enemy Gods want – for this type of fighting is one of the things that separated them as well. I am going to say this now, as a decent human being – Shut the fuck up, and quit being an ignorant pile of shit, because the color of our skin, have nothing to do with who Satan will and won’t accept. Grow up, and learn a little respect and realize that it has been proven that people with lower intelligence, are generally (does not mean all), racist versus the non-racist.
   This is also an obvious sign that one’s Kundalini has not descended as well. When this happens, let it make me clear to you; you learn respect for all living beings, and see that even some animals have a bigger aura and are stronger than you sometimes. Don’t pull the usual edgy anti-religion card and say, “Well, I don’t have to love everybody”, because it’s not about that. It’s about the summarization that your petty ego has been eliminated, and you finally understand that all life is equal. The fact that you think you’re worth more as a person because of what another is, is ridiculous. Think of yourself as an insignificant speck out there in the world, because they are in fact millions more out there, who are exactly like you.

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Priestess Satanika 2015, 2016, 2017

Sunday, March 20, 2016

How I am as a Satanist

  First of all, I believe everybody should be given equal rights, no bullshitting around. I don't care if you're black, white, homeless, rich, poor, male, female, homosexual, asexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or pansexual like me, the follower of this religion or that religion - we're are all human beings, weather we act like it or not. We will ALWAYS be different from each other for the rest of time, we will all have individual personalities and souls that make us unique in weird ways to some, and normal ways to others. The only way we'll be the same is the day we're in collective consciousness and peace,  but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
    Although, I should say that I support equal rights, this also comes with a huge amount of liberty, and freedom in ones state and country. I've seen Satanists who can be very mentally unstable to the point they think they are some sort of prophet or wonder who has reached unlimited wisdom and faith, they think they're the best. Basically kinda like the Donald Trump scum of followers. Or scum who judge people on their race, I HATE people like that, probably one of my top pet peeves for humanity's excruciatingly low logical brain cell count. Point being, I cannot stand the suppression of ones justice, and rights, but what the fuck am I supposed to do about it except write about it, so I can hope another person will maybe have the same awakening as me.
   I believe RHP (right hand path) religions to significantly lower the I.Q. in people, which results in people being more homophobic, violent, creating a type of brain cancer for future generations by breading people to believe "Hell" is an option to those who don't believe in a magical wizard with a severe egotistical problem,  and thinks people should be slaves - which they are. A Satanist is only a slave when they believe more hate will solve the worlds problems, just like the RHP dictates. A satanist is only a slave when he/she thinks they are better than everybody else for they're rather new acomplisments I should say. Most Satanists that are unstable are still young 14-17, only been a Satanist for a year or two, and already think they are the chosen prophets from Lord Satan? Hell no! Boo, you are just getting started with learning about your higher self and higher beings you can physically talk to and see, how are you gonna be the all knowing adventuring ultimate? You're not yet, I'm not yet.
   Another thing that seems to show in our younger community is the lack of dedication or understanding that your brain needs polishing, your skills spiritually must be heightened, and that it takes time for results to happen sometimes. Most go through a phase of believing the do or don't exist (Satan, demons, aliens, angels, gods, ect - whatever you want or may call them) They have very little faith, if none at all. This is perfectly normal for me considering I used to be an atheist, so if somebody who comes to me going "I don't know if I believe Satan's real or not, I haven't seen or felt, or heard him", "There's no change in my life", "I have no powers", he just doesn't freely give them away. YOU and YOU alone need to know how to get those things with trial and error. Most should slow down, and try to polish their summoning skills first thing when joining Satanism.
   Most Satanists go through what seems like Slow advancement - which is very good, because going too fast can fuck things up big time. What bothers me about most Satanists my age are either crazed JoS fanatics, or extremely under educated in many things from the way Satan or Satanism is, to different sects, to crazy RHP ideals, it never ends, the ignorance of the lack of information. You can never rush things in Satanism, spirituality, or magic in general - it just doesn't happen or else we wont learn. There's much trial and error in your  beginning and later years it's said. There's always room for new ideas, improvements, new aspects ect. Satanism has no limits to what it can be! Just always remember to slow down, experiences that may happen may be exciting, but it doesn't mean you're the first to experience or witness it. It also doesn't mean that it's perfect either.

-Priestess Satanika

I am back!

   Due to a very busy work schedule lately after graduating a few months ago, I haven't been able to write up some new content for either my site (which I cannot edit due to a lack of a laptop of computer), or my blog. But, this is going to change today because we need more content! *laughs because it's easier said than done* But, I promise I'm going to make room to try and add something to the blog more frequently, perhaps every day from now on. Satanism is not an easy road to travel on, which is why I am going to start writing again to post new content from now on.
   Although, sadly, I don't know when I can update the website, but I will be posting to here, and on my new Tumblr blog; Priestess-Satanika. Please keep in tune because I plan to update, and put in some new content tonight!

Ave Satanas, sinners!
   -Priestess Satanika